During this period, ItaliaFintech is attentively following and intends to participate with a constructive spirit in the Italian and European consultations on the evolution and implementation of:

  1. PSD2
  2. MIFID2 and in general issues connected with the protection, orientation and education of investors.
  3. Capital Markets Union, regulations on the PIR and Crowdfunding and more generally all the legislation that has an impact on the evolution of capital markets, and on the decisions made by families and businesses in working out their own financial budgets.

Freedom and equal opportunities in competition and choice, and the promotion of innovation are the common values that are particularly close to the hearts of all the members of ItaliaFintech.

During the last few years, Italian Fintech companies have been able to express great dynamism and an interesting capacity for innovation, to the extent that it has finally been possible to launch an Italian association of independent Fintech companies.
Alberto Dalmasso, Founder of Satispay