ItaliaFintech, a working group of leading Italian Fintech companies, has been launched to simplify the lives of Italian businesses and families through financial technology. Twenty-two of the leading Italian Fintech companies have set up ItaliaFintech, a work group that will actively facilitate the contribution of the numerous Fintech solutions available in Italy for the financial well-being of families and businesses. ItaliaFintech will develop specific projects to increase awareness among families and businesses of the available solutions, to establish the best possible dialogue with the authorities that supervise regulation, and to adopt qualitative standards to protect users.

Made in Italy

ItaliaFintech comprises all the leading Italian Fintech companies, including Borsadelcredito, Conio, Credimi, Epic, Fifty, Groupama SCF, Lendix, Modefinance, MoneyFarm, N26, Satispay, Virtualb, Workinvoice, Younited Credit, Soldo, Soisy, and Raisin. The participating companies represent all the different Fintech solution sectors made available to families and businesses through digital channels, from advisory and savings management services, to payment services and financing and equity collection services. Most ItaliaFintech companies have only been operating for two or three years, yet they employ over 300 people in Italy, work with over 425,000 clients and have negotiated over 450 million euros’ worth of savings and finance deals.

Projects and Results

ItaliaFintech will work on projects and will publish the results of its activities on its own platform for communication and participation: The projects will be initiatives designed to listen to the needs of families and businesses and to make Fintech solutions ever more accessible, while remaining close to the most important needs of Italian clients, properly understood and appropriately used. The working group has been launched following years of significant growth in all the services offered by the Fintech sector and in awareness of the growing interest among the public of users, as well as from the supervisory authorities and the media, for whom it offers a point of reference and dialogue representing the concrete experience of operators in the sector.

ItaliaFintech represents companies that are independent of the large financial or industrial operators, managing all their projects directly with a highly agile structure, and directly contributing the human and financial resources required by the initiatives.