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Being a member of ItaliaFintech means being at the centre of information and of our activities. The members are the beating heart of the association, directing its activities and contributing together to pursuing its objectives. 

Among the many opportunities that ItaliaFintech offers its members is constant support and keeping them up-to-date with regulation lobbying activities. Thanks to its network of professionals, the association makes it possible to maintain a dialogue and continual discussion at the institutional level, to the benefit of the companies. Creating a networked system enables us to achieve remarkable results for the entire production fabric of the country.

ItaliaFintech participates in numerous institutional, promotional or training initiatives, involving the different members and ensuring them maximum visibility. This visibility is actively promoted online and offline, through the press and digital platforms.

ItaliaFintech is also attentive to the initiatives and successes of the individual members and broadens the reach of their results through all their own channels.

Our members

Intelligent Automation

A no-code platform that facilitates the adoption of AI for business users also, through the automation of companies’ operational and decision-making processes

Capital Markets & Trading

The first Fintech platform where SMEs can present projects for financing

The first fintech ecosystem entirely dedicated to Italian SMEs. The platform provides companies with services such as: aggregation of business accounts, management of mobile payments, digital CFO and the financial solutions of the best players on the market


An equity crowdfunding platform that promotes investment in startups, SMEs and real estate projects by private and professional investors

Challenger Bank, Instant Lending

Banking in a simple, fast, digital and technologically advanced way that is attentive to the needs of families and businesses

Credit mediation

Fintech startup created to innovate access to credit and liquidity for SMEs by aggregating more than 100 solutions from the most trusted players in the financial industry into a single proprietary platform

Fintech that implements alternative financial solutions and delivers them to Italian SMEs through its digital platform


An online equity investing platform authorised by CONSOB


Enel X Financial Services is a fintech company that offers digital financial services and new payment solutions integrated with the Enel ecosystem

Wealth & Asset Management

Wealth Tech, Investimenti Responsabili

Financial consultancy

Advisory, ordinary and structured finance services, Instant Matching

Fintech Company specializing in family credit. Thanks to “Argoritmo” a protocol based on Artificial Intelligence, we carry out specialized and targeted consultancy

Open Community

A community of over 100 startups, access to the Italian Fintech ecosystem that attracts the most important Italian and international stakeholders


Digital Onboarding, anti-fraud and anti-money-laundering services, cloud CRM

The first certified Fintech rating agency in Europe

Wealth & Asset Management

The first Fintech platform where SMEs can present projects for financing

An independent savings management boutique that specializes in public and private corporate credit at a global level


Fast and simple financing for your company


Human fintech specialized in digital financing


Easy ways to pay, instantaneous payments without needing to know the IBAN of the recipient

Open Banking

Powens is a leading Open Finance Platform trusted by 230+ European banking & insurance groups, fintech players, and software vendors

A marketplace for credit in Italy. Helps bring together people looking for investment with people who can provide capital

Digital Banking

Europe’s leading Banking-as-a-Service platform with full banking license, offering integrated financial services via API


The platform provides SMEs with services such as: aggregation of business accounts, management of mobile payments, digital CFO and the financial solutions of the best players on the market. Fast and easy access with a single onboarding process


Italian tech company that develops digital solutions for the business management of companies and professionals that digitize the processes of access to credit and management of payment services


Offers tools that enable banks, Fintech and startups to build the future of financial services in Europe


Real-time risk decisioning platform based on digital footprints. Utilising silent checks on multiple signals including phone number, email address, IP address, device, and browser, Trustfull helps companies across different industries assess risks and provide a safer online experience. Main use cases include: KYC, AML, Account Takeover, Promo Abuse and Transaction Monitoring


Technology company that offers solutions to verify the real identity of people in the digital and physical space. We do this by developing proprietary technologies for facial biometrics, voice biometrics, identity document verification, and AI-powered IoT devices


First Italian phygital insurtech that, thanks to a digital platform and a network of collaborators, was created to protect artisans, businesses, and freelances from everyday risks

First online market in Italy that enables people to obtain commercial credit in advance

100% personal loans online


Not just Members and Corporate Partners: since 2021, ItaliaFintech has further expanded its representativeness, introducing the Buds.

The association holds the future of our country close to its heart and the Buds represent this. Startups that are under 3 years old and/or have a turnover of under €1 million can take part in Working Groups reserved for partners for a symbolic fee.

And that’s not all: the Buds will be kept constantly up-to-date in terms of regulations and will receive information on Fintech activities being discussed in Italy and Europe. Meetings with stakeholders will be facilitated through ItaliaFintech, as well as numerous projects including in collaboration with Corporate Partners. The Buds will also be able to take part in events dedicated to members and to use the ItaliaFintech logo in documents that will be made public.

ItaliaFintech wishes to play a leading role in helping the growth of Buds and is committed to a path that will boost their value and strength. And naturally, it will also ensure the Buds constant visibility both online and offline.

I nostri Bud

Open Banking
Invoice Trading
Open Banking
Open Banking
Finance through outsourcing
Reg Tech
Energy transition
Micro financing
Smart contracts


ItaliaFintech has a strong commitment to making the excellence of Italian Fintech companies more widely known abroad, as well as encouraging the entry into Italy of new innovative businesses that can bring a wide range of benefits.

For this reason, we are currently developing a cooperative system to share ideals, experience and best practice. And it isn’t only Fintech: whether Big Tech, Information Providers, consulting firms, law firms and financial institutions, many players have shown a strong interest in ItaliaFintech.

That is why we decided to establish the Corporate Partners. The objective, together with our Partners, is to promote discussion and collaboration as much as possible, in the interests of Fintech

Developing research projects, education, analysis and position papers on topics of common interest regarding the Fintech world is another of the objectives that the association wishes to achieve with the Partners, along with participation in various association activities such as Working groups, Workshops and other meetings reserved for members.

Our Corporate Partners

Bring closer the fintech realities represented by ItaliaFintech with BPER Factor through dedicated meeting days (“Fintech Day”), participation in seminars and events and other exchange opportunities with the aim of fostering more collaboration and dialogue in support of BPER Factor

This is ItaliaFintech’s law firm of reference and partner for aspects regarding regulations and the drafting of legislation

Partner in promoting Fintech and the application of digital tools in the financial sector, through training and networking activities

Exchanging know-how and discussion in high profile workshops reserved for members; developing studies and research on topics of shared interest

Fin+Tech is a startup accelerator in the fintech and insurtech sector that aims to aggregate the Italian ecosystem of innovation in financial services

A great opportunity to promote knowledge of Fintech and the adoption of Fintech solutions by consumers, families and businesses within Italy

Independent law firm offering expertise and valuable solutions to banks, funds, corporations, digital entrepreneurs, startups and innovative SMEs with a tailor-made approach

Institutional Supporters

Partners represented by institutions, other associations, universities, or research centers with which ItaliaFintech has a relationship of collaboration and dialogue aimed at creating a coordinated ecosystem that moves synergistically within the framework of issues related to fintech and more generally to innovation in the world of financial services.

Our Institutional Supporters


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