Chiomenti has become the legal partner of ItaliaFintech, the association that brings together the most innovative national and international companies in the sector operating in Italy, with the aim of promoting knowledge and adoption of Fintech solutions on the market. In a scenario of continuing and tumultuous evolution, in which regulation marks out the frame within which innovation can reveal itself, Chiomenti is there, ready to offer their consultancy services to ItaliaFintech, a leading point of reference and of dialogue for institutions and regulators.

Chiomenti’s market leadership in institutional law and finance law will help with the development of the association’s activities. At the same time, the partnership ensures that Chiomenti will acquire a privileged observation position at the frontiers of developments in the market.

Innovation in the Fintech sector is more closely linked to regulation than any other sector; ITALIAFINTECH has positioned itself as an association that is capable of interacting proactively with the various players in the Fintech sector, and therefore also with the institutions. Chiomenti is a strategic partner for us, enabling us to be precise and complete in our analyses and proposals regarding regulation, thanks to the considerable expertise of the professionals in the Studio,” commented Marta Ghiglioni, Managing Director of ItaliaFintech.

It was a natural development for a law firm like Chiomenti to support the association, with our professionalism and experience, in a relationship of partnership, not membership,” commented Alessandro Portolano, Manager of the Department for the Regulation of Institutions and finance activities and manager of the collaboration project with ItaliaFintech.