We commit to finding out who the speakers are and whether and to what extent a balanced representation between the genders has been ensured, encouraging a rebalancing where necessary and offering solutions in this regard. This commitment, that was made a few months ago by some members of the Associazione M&M – Ideas for a better country, is now supported by twelve important institutions and companies in Italy: 24 ORE Eventi, Banca Generali, Banco BPM, Credimi, Eni gas e luce, Epic, Gruppo Sella, ItaliaFintech, Leonardo, Luiss Data Lab, Snam and Vodafone Italia. 

Associazione M&M was set up by free individuals who are passionate about “the common good”, and it brings together a community of managers, economists, scientists, diplomats, journalists, public executives, third sector representatives, entrepreneurs and academics. It is actively working on policy projects on economic aspects linked to the response to the pandemic, as well as questions of urban regeneration and issues regarding female employment and gender empowerment.