We post here the text of the parliamentary hearing at the Meeting of the Commissions of Finance and Production Activities together with ItaliaFintech’s assessments and proposals regarding the Liquidity Decree. Law-decree no. 23/2020 (the so-called Liquidity Decree) is a necessary and important provision. The shock caused by the pandemic can only be mitigated by taking strong measures to support the liquidity of SMEs and families, providing effective mechanisms for the fast transmission of the guaranties and resources that have been allocated, as well as wider use of transfer methods through digital payments. The Business Liquidity Decree is heading in this direction.

ItaliaFintech wishes to express its appreciation for the invitation from the Commission for Production Activities and the Commission for Finance to contribute to the parliamentary debate. In a scenario that will be increasingly characterized by the speeding up of digitalization we consider it to be particularly important to open up a constructive dialogue with Fintech companies that are developing innovative models.